Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving a la Belgium

Pic of the week

Thanksgiving turkey  Photos by John Weaver

Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, and food. And even though it's an American tradition, I can tell you that the concept exports well to Belgium where any excuse to bring family, friends, and food together is jumped at immediately.

As we couldn't make the Ohio family Thanksgiving this year, my aunt-in-law, Tante Denise, took up the challenge. Needless to say, she completely rocked it (her secret: an Aga oven and basting every 10 minutes). 

I'm still stuffed, so will make this short. But here are a couple more pictures from today's feast. 

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving too!

Please pass the Black Friday

"Black Friday sounds to many here like a day of stock market crashes, or of rain, snow or drizzle. Perhaps it would be better to call it Pink or Rosy Friday."

- Joshua Bamfield, director of the Center for Retail Research in the United Kingdom. Black Friday has been creeping into Europe in recent years. This year the credit card company Visa expected $568,000 to be spent every minute on Friday in Britain.

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