Monday, November 10, 2014

Under the bridge

Pic of the week

The Travelled Monkey - Under the bridge
Mechelen, Belgium  Photo by John Weaver

Brussels, the charmingly dysfunctional capital of Europe, has a big dog poo problem. It’s so bad that visitors are advised (by me) not to try and gaze at the many beautiful art nouveau buildings, gothic cathedrals, or fancy shop windows while walking. If you do, the risk that you’ll step on a “Belgian chocolate” is very high. 

In Mechelen, thankfully, the situation is a bit better. This weekend when I was out for a walk with my daughter, we came to the underpass of a bridge where I took the above picture and, as we were returning home, not far from the bridge, we passed a couple out walking their dog. 

The couple were talking to each other when I saw their dog crouch, somewhat sneakily, into poo position right next to this sign:

The Travelled Monkey - Under the bridge
"No dog poop"
Too funny, I thought. But the guy walking the dog wasn’t very amused and he even seemed upset at his dog for daring to poo. Oh how I wanted to take a picture right then, but I didn’t want to embarrass the dog. So I went back and got a picture of the sign a bit later. And sure enough, the poo was gone too. 

Good owners.


Team America 

“These were kids who wanted to make it party time. They were out there, throwing beer bottles and shouting ‘U.S.A’ for some reason.” 

- Jennifer Castine, 24, commenting on the drunken college students who rioted at Keene, New Hampshire’s annual Pumpkin Festival

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